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I had my transfer earlier this week and all went well. The 2 embryos defrosted without loosing any cells, so were still graded good quality,  and had started to hatch before they were put back. The transfer itself was very smooth which I was very pleased about as my last transfer was very difficult. The consultant was happy with how things went. She wasn’t anyone I’d seen before but really made an effort to put me at ease.

As usual I had to drink a lot of liquid beforehand. As I spent the morning at work I started to feel quite uncomfortable – in fact I had one teleconf with a colleague and really couldn’t concentrate because I needed a wee so badly – I have no idea what I said I just wanted to get off the call. As soon as it was finished I had to go and release some of the tension with a little pee! And then I had to take myself off to the clinic early because I just couldn’t do any more work or think about anything as I was so full and was worried about wetting myself on the tube or not being able to walk to the clinic. On arrival we were kept waiting for a while and in the end I had to go and find a nurse to beg for a wee as I was starting to cramp. They allowed me to have a little one. We were finally shown into a room and the nurse scanned my bladder and commented on how full it was – no kidding! So I was allowed to do a full cup of wee. I had probably over drunk but I was so worried about the transfer not going smoothly because of my slightly tilted uterus.

I was offered pictures of the embryos but I declined. If successful then I may see if I can get hold of them but I just chucked some old embryo pics a few months ago that I’d hidden away in a drawer. I couldn’t quite bring myself to chuck my scan pic from my last but one pregnancy (I didn’t ask for one on my most recent pregnancy – for the same reasons).

I didn’t sleep well the night before transfer and when we got home after the transfer I was so exhausted I had to go to bed – which isn’t like me. I really struggled to get up after an hour for my acupuncture appointment. My usual acupuncturist was on holiday but I’d been lucky to find someone else nearby who specialises in fertility.

Now it’s just time to wait. The last couple of transfers I’ve taken some time off work but I went back to work the next day this time. I’ve made a big effort not to stay too late (which I’ve semi-achieved) and I’ve also gone in 15 mins later each day.  At the last minute I decided to take today off which was just as well as last night I got cystitis. No idea why – perhaps because of how overfull my bladder was on Mon. It was really painful last night but this morning seemed to be gone. I’ve been to the GP this morning just in case and all looked fine.

I’m really trying not to symptom spot – but in truth there’s not much going on as it’s early days. I just need to wee a lot which is probably the progesterone. Next week will be the killer – I’ll be analysing every twinge and absence of twinge.

My clinic have a test date 16 days after a 5 day transfer which is quite ridiculous. My last clinic was 11 days and I think the one before that was 13 days. One of the nurses said I was fine to test on day 9 but if negative they’d make me stay on my meds until day 16. I haven’t decided when I’ll test yet but I don’t think I’ll make it until 16 days! But I may not do it as early as 9 days.

5 day transfer timeline

1 day post transfer – Blastocyst hatches out of shell on this day
2 days post transfer – Blastocyst attaches to a site on the uterine lining
3 days post transfer – Implantation begins, as the blastocyst begins to bury in the lining
4 days post transfer – Implantation process continues and morula buries deeper in the lining
5 days post transfer – Morula is completely inmplanted in the lining and has placenta cells & fetal cells
6 days post transfer – Placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood
7 days post transfer – More HCG is produced as fetus develops
8 days post transfer – More HCG is produced as fetus develops
9 days post transfer – HCG levels are now high enough to be immediately detected on HPT