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I meant to document the last ‘2 weeks’ a bit better in real time. Even if it was just to add to the plethora of blog posts about symptoms.

So here is a list of totally meaningless* symptoms from the last few days. *Meaningless as if you consult Dr Google long enough you’ll always find someone who got pregnant with these symptoms and someone who didn’t!

  • 1dp5dt – nothing – to be expected!
  • 2pd5dt – nothing, getting up to pee in the night (always get this from the progesterone).
  • 3dp5dt – nothing, peeing in the night, maybe a little bit of twinging in the ovaries which could be down to  them settling down after the low dose of stimulation
  • 4dp5dt – nothing apart from the peeing.
  • 5dp5dt – nausea. This is new, not had nausea before test day before. Consult Dr Google who informs me this is likely to be due to the very high levels of progesterone I’m on. I was on similar levels last time and didn’t get this (and I got pregnant, albeit briefly). However I’m on different types this time (crinone, prontogest, lentogest) so very explainable.
  • 6dp5dt – nausea. Wondering why my boobs look and feel totally normal. Poke them a lot. The 2 times I didn’t get sore boobs I didn’t get pregnant.
  • 7dp5dt – nausea. Back ache like I get before my period (not as worried about this as might have been as I got this on my last FET).
  • 8dp5dt – nausea getting worse – woke me up. Back ache. Stabbing pain in boobs.
  • 9dp5dt – nausea – wake up in the night and almost puke. Back ache, stomach cramps – like full on period pains. Period would be due now. Poke boobs – little bit sore (maybe because I keep poking them).
  • 10dp5dt – nausea lessoning. Bad period pains. Boobs teeny bit more sore (but only when I squeeze them). I tested this day last time. Husband is refusing to let me test!
  • 11dp5dt – nausea has practically gone. This was official test day at my last clinic.

My official test day is 16dp5dt – this is ridiculous! I’m not waiting til then. I am veering between positivity and negativity. One minute I think it’s worked, the next I don’t think so. You’d think by transfer no 7 (!) that I’d be a bit more practised at the 2 week wait but it really doesn’t get any easier.

Yesterday I received these beautiful flowers from 2 of my friends to let me know they were thinking of me. I’ve hardly told anyone about this cycle but they know. I met them both on an online fertility support forum and we met physically at a meet up and hit it off (partly as we found certain other people on the forum annoying!). We don’t really participate in the forum anymore but remained good friends and have supported each other through failed IVF and miscarriages. They both have their miracles but have remained a great source of support. I was really touched to receive the flowers.



I’ve been pretty busy since the transfer which has been a bit of a distraction but perhaps not the best way to feel ‘relaxed’ in the wait. I’ve tried not to work long hours but inevitably I’ve worked late a few times. I went for drinks with some old work colleagues (managing to more or less get away with the virgin cocktails). I practiced my driving with my husband – this was not the best plan. I stalled the car at a major junction which stressed me (and him) out. Then I freaked out that I’d impacted implantation! My husband had a planned op so I visited him in hospital and then looked after him for a bit (he’s recovered very quickly). So this weekend I’m just busy doing nothing! A little walk, TV, reading and maybe a bit of yoga.

Why is this so hard!?