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As mentioned in my last post my official test day was 16 days after my frozen blastocyst transfer. However, my last clinic official test day was 11 days after, and my clinic before that was 13 days after, so I persuaded my husband that I would test on day 12 as I was starting to go insane and just wanted to know. It was also a Saturday giving  me the weekend to get over bad news before going back to work.

The night before I didn’t sleep well. I convinced myself it hadn’t worked as my nausea had diminished. However, I had started to get very tender nipples and my sense of smell was heightened (though I always get this when pregnant, I also get it when my period is due). In reality there was just no way to predict the outcome.

I woke at about 4 needing the loo so I peed in a jug (the jug from my OHSS days – not a jug I use in the kitchen!). I then went back to bed for a few hours but slept fitfully. At about 7 I woke my husband and went to test the pee in the jug. This happened…


The test line was a lot darker than the control line which was reassuring (having suffered 2 chemical pregnancies in the past). First hurdle passed!

I tested again 2 days later and the result was very similar (with the control line slightly lighter than the test above and patchy). I phoned the clinic as I needed more meds and they booked me in for a beta HCG blood test the next day. I also had another intralipid on my official test day (16dp5dt).

My hcg result on 15 days post 5 day transfer (or 20 days post ovulation) was 3880 which the clinic were very happy with as it’s quite high,  progesterone was 168.3 which was fine (thank goodness no need to increase the frequency of the progesterone in oil injections). My clinic doesn’t repeat the hcg test if results are good and as I’ve not had a repeat I have no idea if it’s rising as it should.

I’m struggling a bit at the moment with my own thoughts. Some days I feel positive but others my past experiences, especially my last pregnancy , are overwhelming and I convince myself there will be no heartbeat on my scan or that we’ll see a heartbeat at viability scan and then on the next scan there will be nothing (which has happened to me twice). It hasn’t helped that my nausea is very unpredictable. Some days it lasts all day and can increase in the evening. Other days nothing. My boobs are still sore – I check them everyday (more than once a day). I have read that prednisolone (the steroids I’m on) can mask symptoms, particularly nausea. I just have to be patient. Viability scan is at 7 weeks. Seems like a lifetime away.

I’m just taking each day but for now I am pregnant and thankful for that!