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I didn’t say anything in my last post as I wanted to break my news to a couple of friends who read this blog and didn’t want them to read it on here first. Plus the husband and I were in a bit of shock. So, last week we saw two heartbeats. Yup twins! I had considered twins might be a possibility as my HCG level was high but without knowing how much it was rising it was kind of out of context. So it was a bit of a shock when we were told (though the husband had actually seen both sacs on the ultrasound before the sonographer showed me – I couldn’t see the screen properly at first). One measured 6w5d and one 6w6d (spot on) with good heartbeats.

We had our second scan at 7w6d because of the bleeding last week, and they were looking good. One is now measuring 8w1d and the other was 7w6d. The Dr waited an age to confirm to us – I nearly had a heart attack. We heard the heartbeats too which was special, though the husband didn’t like it because they beat so fast it weirds him out apparently!

No more bleeding though I’m still getting some brown crinone discharge (that stuff is the devil’s work – I never thought I’d say I prefer cyclogest) and the odd very small bit of brown blood (possibly the crinone irritating my cervix) but I’m trying to take it in my stride.

I’m still really nervous. About everything. About getting through each day and still being pregnant (4 miscarriages will do that to you), about carrying twins, about the risks. But for today things are good.

One day at a time…..

Next scan at 10 weeks (if I can last that long).