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I have cellulitis, or to explain it more explicitly a bacterial infection in my bum cheek muscle caused by the lentogest injections (progesterone in oil). The other day I noticed that there was  a large red, hot area around a bruise on my butt. A quick trip to the GP confirmed it and I was prescribed a week of antibiotics. I wasn’t massively keen on taking them but a bacterial infection could be serious and the ones I’m taking are safe in pregnancy. My clinic didn’t seem overly concerned – apparently it happens with lentogest because the injections go into the muscle. We’d been really careful to clean the injection site etc but I still got the infection. I’ve been advised to put a hot water bottle on the site after injection to help disperse the oil. Trust me to get a butt infection. It actually cleared up after 2 days of antibiotics but I’m taking the whole course.

Last weekend the paranoia got to me a bit. I spent a sleepless night utterly convinced that one or both of the twins had died. There was no real reason for my anxiety other than the timing of my nausea had changed. I was still getting it but for a shorter period of time. I managed to snap out of it to attend a festival with friends (it was one of my best mate’s birthdays) and felt very sick for part of the day so that’ll teach me. I also threw up for the first time when I got home but I think that was because I’d got really hungry as we stayed out longer than anticipated and then I stuffed my face with cheesy crumpets when I got in – like literally inhaled them like a pig without waiting for breath ( I should probably mention that I’ve been stuffing my face a bit – it makes me feel less sick, plus I’m hungry quite often).

Anyway, we decided that to manage my anxiety a bit better (and on the wise advice of a friend who’s been in my shoes) to get another scan. This time we didn’t go to our extortionately expensive clinic, nor could I quite bring myself to go to my EPU as it holds the worst memories for me, so we found a company  that charges less than half what my clinic does, and has sonographers all over the country. I managed to get a lunchtime appointment in central London yesterday not too far from either my or my husband’s work.

This time is wasn’t an internal vaginal scan but on the belly. So much nicer. And the twins are both fine. One measured 9w1d and the other 8w5d (I was officially 8w6d).  Their heartrates are also good. And we could see a real difference since last week in terms of how they look. I’m hoping that scan keeps me sane for another week. I’m acutely aware that things could still go wrong. But yesterday was a happy day.