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Sorry, I keep forgetting to post – I’ve had a lot on with work, building work to our house, and our imminent trip to Canada to see my brother.

Almost overnight I got a bump. Ok, slight exaggeration admittedly I had a fair hint of one at 16 weeks but it wasn’t poking right out of  most of my clothes even though they were tight. I could still get my summer skinny jeans done up (just). I was still just about clinging on to the ‘is she isn’t she’ stage. Though when I saw my brother he said ‘bloody hell you’re big’ and that was at just under 16 weeks. I think he meant relative to my usual size which is pretty little, or so I shall chose to believe. Big points to my 5 year old nephew who told me the same week that my ‘tummy wasn’t big enough to fit a baby in’.

Then at about 16.5 weeks I got terrible pains all afternoon at work – I was miserable and on knicker watch as they felt like period pains but without the cramps – it’s the nearest thing I can think to describe it. Everything down below felt so heavy and I felt really sick – not my usual pregnancy nausea but really sick. It went on for hours and I totally freaked my husband out. Gradually that evening it subsided and I decided that it was actually constipation (embarrassing!). The next morning I felt absolutely fine! However, over the next few days this thing appeared, a rather large (or so I thought) bump. Who knows if the pain really was constipation or growing pains or ligaments stretching or what. But here it now is – an undeniable bump that is not taking any hiding!

Luckily I told my boss at 16 weeks – he had more or less guessed as he knows about the IVF but completely understood  I hadn’t wanted to say anything until things were further along. Over the next week I gradually started to tell other people at work. Quite a few had already guessed.

I got one of these baby on board badges. For those who don’t live in London they are pretty much a necessity if you travel on busy trains or tubes to try to persuade people to give you a seat. I’ve not actually worn it that much as I get on my London train near the beginning of the line so usually get a seat. I also don’t feel like I desperately need a seat yet. I felt a bit weird getting the badge. Like I was tempting fate. But I’ve needed it a bit more last couple of weeks when I do get the tube. Most people are good about giving you a seat, though not all!


We had another scan at 17+2 as my anxiety was starting to build a bit. Everything was looking good. T1 is vertical in the middle of their belly with their head low down and their feet behind my belly button – which explained the little flutters I’d been getting there. T2 is reclining horizontally mainly in the lower right bottom of my belly. Their bums are overlapping. They weren’t as lively as last time but both were moving around and we saw T2 opening and closing their mouth. The sonographer did say that T1 has a low lying placenta which I hope moves up by my 20 (actually nearer 21) week NHS scan or that might point to a caesarean, though there’s still quite a bit of time for it to move. At the time I couldn’t feel T2  – the placenta is anterior which means it joins on the front of the uterus and can block movement. T1 has a posterior placenta. We found out the genders but we’re keeping it to ourselves for now.

Last couple of weeks the bump has got bigger and bigger and I’m now very obviously pregnant. Overall I feel ok but at 19 weeks I had a scare. I spent a couple of nights in agonising pain all over my bump and back and spent the days feeling sick. Turns out I had a UTI that I have probably had for a month as my hospital never sent my results to the midwife or to me so I’ve been on antibiotics. But some of the pains are likely growing pains – understandable with 2 little ones growing inside and I was only small to begin with – I’ve put on a stone in weight. I did struggle for a few days and then when the pain died down I was still having huge difficulty with night time back ache. So I bought a pregnancy pillow – OMG – it’s amazing! I am actually able to sleep! By the way I don’t mean to sound ungrateful – I’m still so overjoyed to be pregnant and blessed with twins but naively I didnt expect the second trimester to be this hard at times – I thought I wouldn’t get back ache as I’m fit and run, do pilates and yoga and have a strong core (or so I thought!). On the plus side the nausea finally went away at 20 weeks.

20 week (or actually 21 week) anomaly scan next week – I’m so excited to see the twins again and also to hopefully know they’re ok. I’ve been feeling quite a lot of movement which is very reassuring but not convinced I’m feeling T2 though sometimes I do think I can.

My sister has named the twins Holly and Ivy as they will be winter babies. I don’t think those names are going to stick!

I’m going to start another page with some bump and scan pics in case anyone is interested.