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Fall over down a hill onto your bump and knees!

I am known for being a bit clumsy but I really excelled myself. I’ll write another post about exercising during a twin pregnancy (and I have a draft post written from ages ago about exercise and IVF) but I’m trying to keep running a bit. However my bump has got quite big this last 2 weeks and so my centre of gravity is changing, that coupled with jet lag, uneven ground, and chatting to my brother whilst jogging resulted in me taking a tumble. I wasn’t running fast and my knees took the brunt (see pic) but I definitely also landed on the bump.

Initially I wasn’t worried but after some soul searching I decided to go to hospital. I am in Canada so no NHS cover for me here!

We initially went to the ER who sent me to the birthing centre as I was over 20 weeks. T1 had started kicking me by then so I was reassured but to me the kicks felt a bit weaker than they often do. I also couldn’t feel T2 at all – though that’s not unusual.

The centre was great (though my poor brother had to be our guarantor as coming from the UK we don’t have health insurance). They found 2 good heartbeats straight away which was reassuring but wanted me to have a scan. There was a 3 hour wait! We were also in a shared room and the lady in the bed next to me was scheduled for a c section that day but was having contractions. My poor husband was terrified she was going to go into labour !

Long story short, by the time we had the scan my left leg was black with bruising whereas there was none on my stomach so I was fairly confident the twins were ok. Scan was still a bit nerve wracking but showed up nothing abnormal. I saw T1 kick T2 – naughty! T2 has changed positions again and was doing some amazing gymnastics.

Interestingly although the Drs knew about T2’s cord as I’d taken my hospital notes with me they deliberately didn’t tell the sonographer who noted both babies had a normal cord. However, this scan was a lot shorter than the anomaly scan. Still it’s something to mention on my return.

We left $400 lighter in pocket and with peace of mind! I had taken out really good travel insurance so hoping we get some of that back. Makes me appreciate the NHS even more! Was especially weird to pay a consultant $150 in IMG_1771cash for a 5 min conversation….I guess I should be partly used to this having done a lot of private IVF in the UK. But my recent pregnancy experiences have all been NHS.

Anyway, now to enjoy our holiday. We’re in Canada for one of my brother’s weddings which is really exciting.