About me – and my fertility timeline

I’m a serial IVF’er.  I started this blog partly for therapy but mostly to share my experiences.

My husband and I got together when we were both 31. We met through a sports club and being fit and healthy never thought for a moment we would struggle to conceive. We didn’t actively start trying until 4 years later, which in hindsight was a mistake!

I wasn’t having regular periods and eventually convinced my GP to take me seriously and got diagnosed with PCO (polycystic ovaries) due to the cysts on my ovaries, fortunately I didn’t have the syndrome. Referral for IVF on the NHS followed surprisingly quickly. Further tests revealed my husband had lazy swimmers. For someone so active this was a whole new level of fertility irony (little did we know how much more was to follow).

2013: IVF no 1. My ovaries had a field day producing a mammoth 33 eggs 26 of which were mature and 16 fertilised. Initial elation gave way to disappointment as the numbers dropped. On transfer day I had a miserable 2 poor quality blastocysts to transfer. I ended up with severe OHSS, I had a drain in my side for 5  days. I was gobsmacked when the pregnancy test was positive. Being a natural pessimist I convinced myself it was a chemical pregnancy and sure enough I was right. A week later the pregnancy test was negative.

2014: IVF no 2. Private clinic this time and a mild protocol. 1 top quality hatching blast transferred and 3 excellent blasts frozen. A positive test both bloods and urine gave me a lot of hope. But the pregnancy test didn’t get darker so I requested a quantitative blood test. The HCG was low and I had another chemical pregnancy.

2014: FET no 1. 2 embryos didn’t make it. The 3rd was 80% recovered. It didn’t work. I wasn’t surprised.

2014: IVF no 3. Immune drugs added. It worked. But I had a miscarriage at 8.5 weeks (due to a chromosome problem) and had to have an ERPC. Dark days.

2015: IVF no 4. We decided to do PGS testing. They were all abnormal. No transfer. More dark days. Considering donor eggs. But first 1 last try with my own.

2015: IVF no 5. PGS. 1 normal embryo transferred on day 6. Scratch, clexane, intralipids and steriods. BFN – WTF. Am I the unluckiest woman ever?

2015: IVF no 6. PGS. No normal embryos. Onto donor eggs.

2016: IVF no 7. Donor eggs. 29 mature, 24 fertilised. 11 blasts PGS tested. 3 normal (2 good quality, 1 poor quality). 2 good quality blasts (one hatching) transferred. Scratch, clexane  and intralipids. Positive pregnancy test with strong HCG results. Ultrasound 1 at 6+4 = 1 embryo with heartbeat measuring slightly small. Ultrasound 2 at 7+4 = missed miscarriage. Totally devastated. No answers.

2017: IVF no 8. Donor eggs. 10 eggs, 7 fertilised, 2 blasts PGS tested. 2 normal. FET cancelled twice (first time because of thyroid, second time because of lining breaking down). Scratch, clexane, intralipids, steroids, thyroxine. Positive pregnancy test with high HCG results. Bleeding at 7 weeks – scan reveals twins.

Why a life without peas? Well I’ve read everything I can lay my hands on about fertility and a while back I read that peas can stop you conceiving. I’m not usually one to take on board such things but for some reason I’ve been unable to eat peas since. I love peas! What stupid things have you done in the name of fertility?

Oh, and some non IVF things about me (life doesn’t always revolve around IVF right?): I run (a lot, it’s my meditation and my joy); I love baking and reading (sometimes at the same time); I like shopping and holidays (who doesn’t?); I have great friends (seriously my support network is phenomenal); I want a cat (and a baby but that goes without saying I think!); I eat too much chocolate (um, yeah well I have to balance out all the running); I have a full on job which I enjoy most of the time; I’m generally a happy person, though as the failed attempts mount up it’s getting harder to stay that way!


4 thoughts on “About me – and my fertility timeline”

  1. Gosh we really have had similar journeys.. I too was misdiagnosed PCOS, husband also had lazy swimmers, did 5 ivf cycles (plus one cancelled) and 7 transfers… Now also doing de ivf! So pleased to be able to follow you and share similar feelings. Surely we deserve this next one!

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  2. So similar! We both totally deserve some good news. Looking forward to reading your posts.


  3. Sounds like we got started at about the same time. We are officially unexplained, though both of my ovaries have been operated on for endometriosis, and while they look perfectly healthy, three rounds of IVF resulted in only four embryos (total!), which resulted in one blighted ovum and one negative.

    Moved on to donor embryos and just suffered my first donor embryo blighted ovum.

    Wow… those two paragraphs are so short. Hard to believe they stretched over four sad, brutally expensive years…

    We’re getting back on the horse with more donor embryos as soon as we can, but I feel pretty much like a whipped dog lately. So tired of “keeping my chin up.” Trying now to just go through the motions and see what happens.

    Hugs to you.

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